Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance (SCF) for corporates

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COVID-19 has changed the global economic landscape

Working capital is critical to every business but it is susceptible to geopolitical changes, natural disasters, economic shifts, industry volatility and more. Therefore, multi-national companies with global supply chain need to manage these risks and ensure that their supply chain remains resilient and agile to disruptions. The key performance of a global supply chain is determined by how capital is efficiently flowing through the entire chain. That is why finance professionals around the world have been working on ways to unlock the working capital trapped in the supply chain.

Challenges in current Supply Chain Finance Programs

  • Manual and Fragmented Delivery
  • Slow onboarding and credit decisions
  • No visibility or transparency – Only Tier 1 Suppliers

Supply chain resilience now assumes meaning better positioned than your competitors to deal with and even gain advantage from disruptions
——Yossi Sheffi on the Supply Chain Strategy 2005

The Game Changer- SCF 4.0 Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance

Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance is an innovative financial instrument, to unlock the working capital and business relationship, make financing accessible for every supplier in the ecosystem, not limited to just tier 1 suppliers.

  • End-To-End Digital
  • More visibility and transparency
  • Open and Collaborative
  • Fast approval and disbursement

Achieve your sustainability goals with Deep Tier- SCF

62% of executives consider a sustainability strategy necessary to be competitive today. Sustainability is a strategic business approach to create long term value for the company.

Incorporating sustainability elements into deep-tier supply chain would provide visibility and transparency to the compliance to sustainability for suppliers down the chain. Through supply chain finance, incentivize and reward suppliers to adopt more sustainable activities or alternative materials and select more sustainable suppliers.

Benefits for Corporates

  • Optimize your working capital
  • Managing your Risks
  • Supporting your global ambitions
  • More efficient operations - Digitizing payables
  • Better Relationship with Suppliers

Start your Supply Chain Program

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  • 2 Who should get involved
  • 3 Preparation
  • 4 Execution

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Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance (SCF) for corporates